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Mission / Vision


Neeti 'Strategy'

"To have at least one satisfied customer in every home"

Every efforts to be made to become a global household identity recognized for quality consciousness, eco-friendly approach, safety and science-based innovations of Herbal and Ayurvedic remedies that extends a holistic life to each individual.

Brand Guardian

"I never crave for work, nor do I desire kingdom, heaven or rebirth. Let the living beings get rid of sorrows and that's my only wish"

With a philosophy of curing ailments from its root, BAN Parivaar (Family) has come a long way by spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda. Today, with strong support from the medical fraternity, valued trade partners, millions of satisfied customers and, above all, with the blessings of Lord Dwarkadhish, we at BAN Labs continue to strive to build a dream organization.