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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Where sustainability of business meets sustainability of society

The very essence of BAN Labs is serving humankind; a philosophy that reflects in its strategies, policies and day-to-day operations.

At Ban Labs (P) Ltd., we understand the responsibility and accountability towards society and the environment. We help to build a healthy and thriving society through various community development activities at BAN Labs,
which include :

  • Improving health of society: For safeguarding society we participate in food donation camps of the Bolbala Charitable trust, which serves poor people by providing them food and clothes.
  • Nurturing the future generation: To secure a progressive future we contribute by educating today‚Äôs children by providing them scholarships under our Mastermind Scholarship Program.
  • As a healthcare provider, serving patients is our primary concern. Along with our network of doctor members, we help organize free consultation camps for poor patients. We also help poor patients by bearing the cost of their dialysis treatment at Savani Kidney hospital, Rajkot.
  • We also offer earning opportunity to senior citizens, housewives and self-employed persons by converting their free time into productive earning time through our Home Distributor concepts.