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Chairman Message

Giving the gift AYUS (LIFE) with VEDA (Science)

I begin this message by expressing humble gratitude towards
every individual who has partnered our journey of success since 1966: All our loyal customers, experts and medical professionals who have endorsed our products; as well as all our team members who have come together to make the dream of Ban Labs possible.

We began this journey enthused by a desire to serve mankind with authentic, premium quality therapeutic solutions based on time-tested Ayurvedic medicines, and created by science, technology and stringent quality norms.

Today, we take pride in our reputation of producing scientifically designed and clinically proven products, making us a leader in our industry. And yet we are just half way through. We, pledge to continue on this path with further determination and focus on bringing the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge in modern, scientific ways to all human kind.

Strengthening our vision is our continuous investment into building state-of-the-art research centres- accredited by Ministry of Science- Government of India, and the strength our team of experts and endorsers.

Dr. D.K. Patel